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They pull into a rest area to give the elephant a break. In realty this was not a rest area but a foreclosed trailer park. They drove eastbound on Indiantown Road about .15 miles east of Taylor Road and pull into the Riverbend Trailer Park in Jupiter Florida. This location was a mystery for a long time but now, thanks to John Montgomery from Jupiter Farms who let me know where this was filmed as well as lots of other great background on the filming as he witnessed much, we now know where this was filmed. Thanks John.

Smokey continues the pursuit. Scott Smith let me know that this was filmed westbound on Indiantown Road in Jupiter, FL.

In the 4 pictures above Smokey takes a break. Scott Smith has confirmed my suspicions that this was filmed in the Jupiter Florida area. In the top left photo, on the far right of the picture you can see a Florida State Police car parked.  This was probably a detail cop hired to help with spectator control while filming was going on.

 Update: Scott Smith revealed the location to me as what is now an economy tire store on alternate A1A between Center Street and Indiantown Road in Jupiter. Thanks Scott.  I will get there as soon as I can to get current photos.

The next morning they get underway again. The first few cuts are unknown but then they they get to the cut pictured below.  Filmed at Lakewood Fairgrounds just outside Atlanta.  This I learned from

This picture is from Google Earth Street View.  I have not been to this location in person yet.

 Take a left daddy.. The name of this coaster was “Greyhound”

This occurs at the same fairgrounds. The arrows indicating his path.

The blue arrow is his path under where the roller coaster was.

 Bandit gets away again. Then we cut to Smokey in “pursuit”.  This was filmed back down in Miami outside the Orange Bowl. Filmed just south of where the other scene was shot. It starts as they are westbound on NW 4th Street and turn right (northbound) on NW 14th Ave. These buildings are seen in the background.

This building was seen in the first Orange Bowl scene and again here.

 Next we see Bandit gas up at a Chevron Station near a bridge. It has been reported to have ben filmed in Henderson Nevada but the claimed location is definitely wrong. Update: Thanks to Scott Smith we now know that this Chevron Station was at the intersection of Blue Heron Blvd. and Ave. A in Riviera Beach, FL.  I had looked at that area before but the gas station was already torn down by then.  Now I notice that in the beginning of the scene you can see a sign on the building (green arrow in capture below) That says Blue Heron Chevron and states the address and operators name. Had this been a little more in focus it would have been a lot easier to solve.  The gas station attendant was played by Dudley Remus, he played the guitar in the famous dueling banjo scene in Deliverance (1972) which helped make B.R. Famous.

 He then goes to this, what looks like an overgrown football stadium.  Scott Smith informs us this was the old Indiantown Rodeo, in Indiantown due east of the center of town.  Thanks Scott.

We then cut back to Smokey. He is in “pursuit”.  In the first cut the area looks like little Havana but exact location unknown.

The second cut of this drive starts at 1229 NW 4th Street and proceeds down NW 4th Street headed toward the Orange Bowl.

It ends here with Smokey saying “when you raid a cat house you take the piano player too.”

Next we are taken to a nightclub. Scott Smith reports this was filmed on location in West Palm Beach at a club located at the intersection of Forest Hills Blvd. and S. Congress Ave..

Smokey And The Bandit 2

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             Smokey and The Bandit 2