Smokey and The Bandit


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Welcome to Texas.     Unknown location

 Bandit falls for the trap. Location unknown.

Bandit takes the challenge and takes the left turn. Thanks to Thomas Ohman I now know that this was filmed north of Vegas. They start off southbound on North Las Vegas Blvd./604 and he turns left (east) onto a dirt road approx. 6.4 miles north of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

This part of the pursuit was filmed southbound thru the desert about 25 miles south of Las Vegas.

The blue arrow in the picture below points toward the power lines that are visible in the picture above.

In the picture below the red arrow points to the filming location.  In the picture below right the green arrow indicates Bandits path.

They are back on the road.  Unknown location

Driving the folded up car and the trip into the pond were filmed on Indiantown Road near Jupiter.  Just east of Highway 711.

Next we go to Lion Country Safari in Loxahatchee, Florida.

Bandit goes to make up.

You’re not getting away from me bandit , I’ll chase you in hot pursuit, to the ends of the summm bitch.

This all occurs at the Seminole Inn, in Indiantown, Florida.




Truck bridge.  Unknown location but probably in the area south of Henderson, NV.

Behind the scenes photos provided  by Scott Smith

We see the truck rolloing down the road. This was filmed northbound at exit 58 on I 15/ 93.  They take the exit ramp off I15, cross North Las Vegas Blvd. and head right on up the entrance ramp back onto I 15/ 93