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Next we go to Bolivia to Sosa’s production facility, Location Unknown.

Which leads us to Sosa’ house.  This is not Bolivia, but was filmed on Park Lane at Casa Bienvenida (House of Welcome) in Montecito, California.

Tony stays and takes a walk with Sosa and Omar finally runs out of rope.  I never liked him anyway.

Then we return from Bolivia to Miami but in reality we stay in California.  We see Lopez Motors. Thanks to David W. of San Diego CA., this location which was unknown for a long time is no longer a mystery. The exterior was filmed at what is now BMW of Beverly Hills. 8825 Wilshire Blvd.

Then we cut to Frank’s house and back to Florida.  This was filmed at 485 Matheson Dr., Key Biscayne.  Tony makes a bid for Elvira.

As Tony sits down we see Richard Nixon’s Heli-pad that the U.S. taxpayers built on the water.  This heli-pad was used in several episodes of Miami Vice including Back in the World where it was made to look like the deck of an aircraft carrier.

Then we see Frank and Manny go to the Babylon Club.  Filmed on set at Universal Studios.

While Tony stays at the club and gets wasted, Manny brings Gina home.  Not enough is seen of this nighttime drive to determine where it was filmed.  Location unknown.

Tony survives an attempt by a couple of dimwits to kill him at the Babylon Club.

Tony calls Manny who is in bed.  This was no doubt filmed on a set.

Tony is calling from what looks like a hotel room but is no doubt a studio set.

Then we arrive at Lopez Motors through the service department.  This appears to have been filmed at the Porsche Boutique where we saw Tony buy his car earlier.  Location unknown.

Then we go into the conference room where Tony takes care of business and cleans things up and Ernie gets a job.

Then we see Tony pick up his girl, Elvira.  This was filmed on location at the “Ortega house”, 485 Matheson Drive on Key Biscayne.

Then we see Tony downstairs in the living room looking out at Biscayne Bay and the Goodyear Blimp.

Then we see the money rolling in, lots of money.  Business is good.  Probably filmed on a set but I have not confirmed that yet.

We cut to Sosa at his place in Bolivia, really Casa Bienvenida in Montecito, California.

Talking to Tony at his residence.  A studio set at Universal.

Then we see Tony delivering bags of money to his “Miami” bank.  This was filmed in Los Angeles at 16000 Ventura Blvd.

Then we see Tony putting his money to work, legit, at Montana Management Co.  This is set up to be located at 9401 Brickell Avenue in Miami but it is not.  It is in California at the intersection of Sunset Blvd. and Sunset Plaza Drive in West Hollywood, California. The address is 8623 West Sunset Blvd. despite the front door being on Sunset Plaza drive.  Interestingly, the real name of the company located here is Montgomery Management Co.

Next we go across the street to see Montana travel company located at 8619 Sunset Blvd.

Then Gina’s Beauty Salon located on the south side of Sunset Blvd. a couple buildings to the west at at 8648 West Sunset Blvd.

The money keeps rolling in and we see them make another large deposit at the bank.

Then we see Tony and Elvira get married.  This was filmed at Tony’s new home.  631 Para Grande Lane in Santa Barbara, California. Only a little over a mile and a half from Sosa’s Bolivian Estate.

Then inside to a studio set.

Then we see Gina buying a dress.  Location unknown.

Then we cut back to Tony’s house (studio set) where Elvira is breaking rule #2.

Then we see Tony renegotiating his money laundering deal with the bank at his home office.  This was filmed on set at Universal Studios.

Tony notices a work van has been outside the house for 3 days.  The exterior scenes were shot on location at 631 Para Grande Lane while the interior filming was done on set.

Then we see Tony watch television and take a bath.  He clearly does not know the difference between a pelican and a flamingo. Come on pelican.

This was filmed on set.

With the banker raising the vig Tony decides to go to Manny’s guy to launder money. Big mistake.  Filming location unknown but likely at Universal.

Then we go to the office of Tony’s attorney.  Location unknown.

Then we go back to Sosa’s where it looks like Tony may be able to solve his tax problem.

Then we see Tony at dinner with Many and Elvira.  This was filmed at the famous Perino’s Restaurant, 4101 Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles.  This is fitting because not only the who’s who of Hollywood ate here during Hollywood’s heyday but so did gangsters like Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel, Anthony “Big Tuna” Accardo, and Jack Dragna.

Then we go to New York.  We first see the target facing south on Tudor City Place.  Then he backs up and onto East 41st Street where he parks on the corner facing west adjacent to 5 Tudor City Place.  We see him walk away and then we see a guy walk up to the car and plant a bomb under the car.

Then it cuts to the next day.  We start with a view looking north up Tudor City Place and then it pans to Tony outside a park on East 41st Street talking on a pay phone at the NW corner of the intersection of Tudor City Place and East 41st Street.  He finishes his call and joins his party parked on the south side of East 41st Street by Tudor City Place.

We see him get in the car and drive from where he parked the night before to the front of 5 Tudor City Place where his family joins him.

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Montana Travel

Montana Management

Here is the owner of Perino’s in an old picture.  You may recognize the couple seated in the background.  Nancy and Ronald Reagan.

The interior may have been filmed on location or on a set, most likely on set at Universal Studios.