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The guys follow the target away from 5 Tudor City Place headed north.

Then we see them northbound on 1st Avenue passing from East 38th Street to East 40th Street.  We see them pass by here twice in a row.  They are now south of where they started even though they took off headed north.

Then we see them northbound on 1st Avenue passing the Queens Midtown Tunnel at East 37th Street.

Then northbound on 1st Avenue passing East 35th Street.  South of where we just saw them headed north on the same avenue.

Then we see them continue northbound on 1st Avenue and go up the ramp to the United Nations Plaza.  

Then we see them approach the U.N. on 1st Avenue at East 42nd Street where they are suppose to blow up the car.  

They continue by the United nations as things continue to get crazier inside Tony’s car.

The target pulls into the United Nations at East 45th Street and Tony looses it killing Sosa’s guy, Alberto the Shadow.

Look at you now.  Tony continues up the Avenue.

Then we see Tony call down to Miami.  This was filmed along the river at East 62nd Street with the Queensboro bridge in the background.

He reaches Nick who is on a set at Universal.

Then we see Tony return home.  The exterior was filmed in Santa Barbara at 631 Para Grande Lane.

Then we go inside to a Universal Studios set.

Next Tony pays a visit to his mother after she summons him.  This may have been a set but may have been filmed on location in Torrance, California. Location unsure.

Tony takes off to 409 Citrus Drive.  I have not figured out where this short driving scene was filmed but no doubt it was in the Montecito California area.

They arrive at 409 Citrus Drive to find that Tony has been a bit slow to realize that Gina and Manny have been developing a romance against Tony’s orders.  Location unknown.

We see Tony arrive back at his house but he is not alone.  Sosa’s hit squad is also arriving.  The interior scenes were all filmed on set at Universal Studios while the exterior shots were filmed on location at 631 Para Grande Lane.

Filming goof:  They show Tony walk out of his home office and onto his balcony.  This was filmed on location at the Para Grande Lane estate. They show him from a distance with a good view of the house.  Only he is at the corner of the house.  The interior which was shot on a studio set shows his large office and the door to the office is directly opposite his desk.  This door opens out into the large central area of the house with a grand stairway to the right and left as you exit the office.  Comparing the interior set to the exterior shot makes it obvious that they do not match.  The view from the house shows that the door to Tony’s office would open to the great outdoors and the stairs would have to be on the exterior of the house.

Tony goes out in a blaze of stoned gunfire.