The first two minutes and thirty-nine seconds of the film are a quick review of scenes from the first two movies. This leads us into Smokey’s retirement party.

Original release date:  08/12/1983 (USA)

Location Unknown

If anyone knows where this was filmed, please let me know at cglide@floridamovielocations.org

The Sheriff is retired. The location for this jump through the flag is unknown as are the scenes of his driving into Florida.

Smokey arrives at his retirement village. This was filmed on the south side of 595/ SR 84. First we see him driving the wrong way on a one way service road (84 westbound) and we see a Cumberland Farms in the background.  That same store/gas station is still there at 84 and SW 125th Ave. Davie, Fl.  

Then we see him pull into Paradise village (it’s real name) on Paradise Way East.

Blue arrow points to where he pulls into the village.

Red arrow points to the Cumberland farms we see in the background.

Next we see Smokey on the beach. Thanks to Harold Loeser we now know that this was filmed on South Beach by Marjory Stoneman Douglas Ocean Beach Park. Thanks Harold. We have seen this location used in the Miami Vice episode, Buddies and in the Pilot of Burn Notice.

Smokey plays shuffle board.  Location Unknown

Smokey sleeps thru exercise class.  Some have reported that this was filmed at the Fontainebleau. No way,  Location Unknown but I know it was not at the Hilton.

Next we go to Miami Seaquarium on Virginia Key. This is the  location where the movie A Hole in The Head, starts.

Then we go up to Aventura, Florida for the hook really to be set.  This scene was filmed on East Country Club Drive, with Turnberry estates in the background.

 This is the exact same spot used in Season 2 of Miami Vice in the episode Phil the Shill.  From this spot the guys were watching Phil Collins who was across the water at Turnberry.

The boat Big Enos and Little Enos are on is the Monkey Business.  This was the home port of this boat. This is also the boat that the married presidential candidate and US Senator from Colorado, Gary Hart partied on with Donna Rice in Bimini.  Being caught in an extramarital affair cost him in his 1988 run for President.

Notice Gary Harts T-Shirt.  Monkey Business Crew.  This is the picture that was published in the National Enquirer that sank his run for President.

Notice that they spelled Enos incorrectly on the shark sign.

Next we see Smokey driving northbound on NE 1st Ave. in downtown Miami between NE 6th Street and NE 8th Street.

This is the same area where we see Crockett and Tubbs driving as they are trying to catch up to Linus Oliver in Miami Vice’s epiosde 4 Hit List.

Junior need not worry, Smokey knows a short cut. This is the view as he made a turn.  Looks familiar with Watson Island in the background and that is because I recently saw a similar view in the Burn Notice episode, Guilty as Charged. Here the camera is shooting east down NE 9th Street from N. Miami Avenue in Downtown Miami. The area has been built up considerably since filming. Burn Notice has also filmed here for; 44 Devil You Know, 80 Fail Safe, and 94 Down and Out.

Then we see them, reportedly still in downtown Miami. They are not. They are northbound on Washington Ave. on Miami Beach. Smokey really is as confused as a baby raccoon.

Turn left here daddy. They turn left onto Espanola Way.

Next we see Big and Little on the side of the road.  This location was hard for me to confirm though I quickly suspected the location upon viewing the scene. This was filmed on location in John U Lloyd State Park, 6503 N Ocean Dr., Dania Beach, FL.  They are positioned about 1.6 miles into the park from the entrance gate.



Buildings seen in background


If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

Smokey And The Bandit 3


Then we see Jr. And Justice fishing. Two cuts (long view and close up) were not filmed in the exact same location but likely near each other. I strongly suspect that this scene was filmed on location at John U Lloyd State Park but I am a long way from confirming this 100%.

As seen in Hit List