Next,  we see Smokey making his way through traffic. Location unknown.  If you recognize this location please let me know at cglide@floridamovielocations.org

Next we see Smokey jump through a milk truck.  They also misspelled Enos here. This took some work and some help from Sandro Marino of Coral Springs, FL. who provided an excellent lead that allowed me to verify with historic aerials that this scene was filmed in Coral Springs, Florida. It was filmed on Riverside Drive at what is now  Pine Ridge Drive. Smokey is driving northbound and the milk truck backs out of what is now Pine Ridge Dr.

The light bar on Smokey’s car is clearly knocked off in the stunt but is looking just fine again in the next scene.

Big Enos calls the snowman. The exact spot is unknown but this appears to be on Highway 27, between Alligator Alley and Lake Okeechobee.

Snowman agrees to be the Bandit.  Location unknown.

Next we have a scene that the filming location was unknown to me until I was building this page. I took another close look at the scene and happened to notice a greyhound bus sign. I knew they had filmed in Belleview (I had already sussed that out) and Silver Spings so I checked 411.com for Greyhound in that area and found the Location. NE 1st Ave. at North Magnolia Ave. in Ocala Florida.

The Post House Cafeteria is now Walton’s Rentals as is the Datsun Town.

The gas station is still there and has been remodeled.

Smokey signals as he heads north over the tracks on N. Magnolia Ave..

Red designates Smokey’s route.

Yellow arrows point to buildings we see in background.

This looks like Florida but I have read that it was filmed in Georgia.  Location unknown.

Tar and Feathers. Thanks to a lead from Sandro Marino of Coral Springs we now know that this scene was filmed in the area of Coral Springs around Riverside Drive. I have not been able to nail down the exact locations of the driving. The best landmark seen is the house next to a barn on the outside of a turn. However; even with historic aerials I have not been able to nail down the locations. If you recognize this location please let me know at cglide@floridamovielocations.org

Location unknown.

Location unknown.

Location unknown.

Location unknown.

Location unknown.

“They never learn”. This was not to hard to find when I noticed that it was near railroad tracks and the C-35 highway sign. This was filmed in Belleview, Florida at the intersection of 35 and 25.

Was Lil General                                               Now Al E Gators

Red is Bandit

Blue is Smokey

I long suspected this was filmed on the newly constructed I75  in western Broward County. Now, thanks to Steven Dean who grew up in the area at that time and who took the time and effort to let me know, we now know exactly where on I75 this was filmed. Thanks Steven. In the distant background, the overpass we see is the Stirling Road Overpass and the road they are on is indeed I75 or as it was called at the time, University Expressway. They are south of Stirling Road and the camera is viewing north in Davie, Fl. When we first see him in this cut he is on the entrance ramp to 75 from Sheridan St.

Then Smokey and Jr. are headed southbound in the same stretch of I75 just south of Stirling Rd. In Davie.

The corner of second Street and Washington Blvd.  Well that is the address she gives for the used car lot.  The signs seen in the background, Tropical Used Cars, Rudas Auto Service, and Golda’s Cypress Lounge were what gave the location away but not nearly as quickly as I expected.  It took some work but I found the location.  NW 7th Ave. Near 113th Street. in North Miami (Pinewood).

The same stretch of I75 south of Griffin Road. They are headed northbound.

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Goof: They drive by the paint truck and get sprayed by a wide stripe of paint, then they cut to the interior of the car (likely a studio shot) and the paint stripe on the car window is noticeably narrower.

Funny thing is that the woman is leaning up against the same exact truck that we just saw the Klansman in when they attacked the farmers. This was clearly filmed before that scene as it is yet undamaged.