Original release date 07/20/1960 USA

The vast majority of this film was shot inside the Fontainebleau Hotel on Miami Beach. 4441 Collins Avenue. Numerous films have used the Fontainebleau though not to the same extent. Goldfinger saw James Bond (Sean Connery) stop in for a visit. Tony Montana (Al Pacino) received a lesson on how to pick up American woman at the Fontainebleau’s pool in Scarface. Whitney Houston sang in the Fontainebleau’s Grand Ballroom (now called the Sparkle Ballroom) in the movie, The Bodyguard. Frank Sinatra visited with Jill St.John here in the 1967 movie, Tony Rome. He also used the Fontainebleau in his 1959 movie, A Hole In The Head. Miami Vice filmed here as did Frank Sinatra when he welcomed Elvis Presley home from the Army in March of 1960.

The movie starts out with an introduction by Jack Kruchen (played by the real president of Paramount Pictures, Jack E. Mulcher). This was filmed in an office that may have been real or just a set at Paramount.  Filming location unknown.

Then we see the movie open with a nighttime view from the top of the Fontainebleau looking south over Collins Avenue and Miami Beach

Then it cuts and we see the same view, only the beach has awoken and the sun is shinning.  In both shots we can see the Barcelona Hotel in the near background. The Barcelona played key roles as locations in several Miami Vice episodes and here we get a unique view of how it looked in 1960 including the lit sign at nighttime.

Then we see several nice shots of the exterior of the hotel as it appeared in 1960.

Then we go inside to see a look at a society very different than today’s.  We start in the hotel’s lobby.

We see the famous bow tie style on the floor that has been recreated in the renovated Fontainebleau of today.

The movie is a series of what they call “silly scenes”.  These scenes give us a great time capsule of how this famous landmark hotel looked in 1960.

Filming goof:  As Mrs. Is seen struggling her way up the front stairs a microphone on a boom is clearly visible being reflected on the window glass in front of her.

We see the area where Tony  Rome (Frank Sinatra) drops off Ann Archer (Jill St.John) in, Tony Rome.

The Bellboys head to the track. This was filmed at Flagler Dog Track also known as West Flagler Kennel Club. 401 NW 38th Court, Miami. Now called Magic City Casino.  We also saw this track in A Hole In The Head (1959).

After returning to the Fontainebleau, we see the stairs to nowhere.  These stairs lead down from the coat room.  Guest would ride the elevator up to the coat room and then take these stairs down to the lobby to make their grand entrance.

Jerry directs the orchestra on the same stage that where Frank Sinatra welcomed back Elvis.

Stanly heads out to see the golf tournament and arrives to participate in it’s ending on the 18th hole.  According to the narration in the special features section of the d.v.d., this was filmed at the Miami Country Club.  Since the Country club of Miami was not open until 1961, I believe Jerry misspoke and perhaps meant Miami Beach Golf Club located at 2301 Alton Road on Miami Beach which was opened in 1923. Location unsure.  If you know where this was filmed please let me know at

Stanley turns night to day.

Then he heads to the airport from the Fontainbleau’s garage.

The airport scene was filmed at Miami International Airport.

We return to the Fontainbleau where the movie ends.



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