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Next we see Michael visit his uncle at the baseball field. I believe this was filmed at Peacock Park in Coral Gables, but I have not been able to confirm this 100%, Yet.

Then we see Megan meeting with Teresa Perrone. This was filmed on the south lawn of Villa Vizcaya. 3251 S. Miami Ave., Miami.

Then we see Michael on the streets trying to do business. It appears that he is in the 400 block of some neighborhood, possibly South Beach but I do not recognize the location.  Location unknown.

Then we return to the Miami Standard (Herald building). Megan is having some second thoughts, but not enough.

Next it cuts to Teresa’s home where she waits for the morning edition. When it arrives she gets a jolt of reality. Thanks to Harold Loeser we now know where this was filmed. This was filmed on location at 507 SW 28th Road, Miami. Thanks Harold.

Next we return to the Standard’s offices (Herald) where Megan learns that Teresa killed herself because of the story Megan printed in the paper.

Megan then pays Gallagher a visit at his warehouse (Port Of Miami). It does not go well.

Then we go to Rosen’s office which was reported to have been filmed inside the Dade County Courthouse.

Then it goes briefly to Gallagher’s warehouse where he is seen looking out over the water then it cuts to Teresa’s burial. Location unknown.

Next Michael goes to his uncle’s house.  Location unknown.

Next we see Michael coming out of Olson Electronics. Olson Electronics was located on NE 2nd Avenue at NE 17th Street in Miami and is now an Ace Hardware store.

Next we see Michael setting up the answering machine inside his house.

He continues to put his plan in motion by going to the bank and getting a check for $3,000.00 made out to the Committee For A Better Miami. He is at the Flagship National Bank on Brickell Ave.  It was outside this bank that he picked up Megan for lunch earlier in the movie.  It is this same bank building that is seen in the opening montage of Miami Vice episodes.

Next we see Michael mail the contribution. This was filmed in Coconut Grove close to his house at Merrie Christmas Park on South Le Jeune Road.

Then we go to the newspaper office (Herald) again before we cut to a meeting between Michael and the D.A. This was filmed at Matheson Hammock State Park in Coral Gables.

Next we go to Megan’s place. Megan’s apartment was located in Brickell Harbour Codos. 200 SE 15th Road, Miami.

Then we go back to the Dade County Courthouse where the D.A. calls a press conference to announce the end of the Gallagher investigation. The scene starts at the courthouse but the actual press conference was filmed on the grounds of Villa Vizcaya, not at the courthouse.


Villa Vizcaya

After the meeting we see Megan walking in a hallway.  Location unknown.

Then we see a courier deliver Michael a copy of the next days edition. This was filmed at 4001 Hardie Avenue, Miami (Coconut Grove). We will see this house used again in the Miami Vice Episode Bad Timing.

Then we go to Megan’s place where Michael is there waiting for her.

The next morning Michael returns home where he gets a call from Quinn.  Then we see him at his marina on Virginia Key.

Then it cuts briefly to the courthouse where they check out what is on the phone taps.  

Then we see Michael continuing the set up on a pay phone. The camera is shooting south toward downtown Miami. Michael is on the NW corner of the intersection of NE 1st Avenue and NE 14th Street.  The U-Move building is still there on the northwest corner of NE 1st Ave., and NE 10th Street. The far side of this building is seen in the movie Tony Rome. The domed building in the distant background at the far left of the screen is another Miami landmark building, The Security Building at 117 NE 1st Ave. The high water point of the 1906 hurricane.

We then see him return to the same Flagship National Bank for another check.

Then we go to the courthouse where they walk right into Gallagher’s trap.

Then Gallagher has another meeting with Quinn. This meeting was held in the parking lot of Matheson Hammock Park.

Then we see Megan leaving work. This is not the Miami Herald building. This was filmed looking west toward the east side of what is now the Suntrust building on Brickell Ave. It was on the west side of this building that we saw Michael pick Megan up for lunch earlier in the movie.

Then Michael goes to Megan’s place but leaves because she does not trust him.

Next we see Megan at the D.A.’S office in the Dade County Courthouse.

She calls in the story to the paper and we next see Rosen picking up a paper on the street.  This was filmed on the southeast corner of the intersection of West Flagler Street and SW 12th Avenue in the Little Havana section of Miami. The unique and very cool Firestone building seen behind Rosen is now a Walgreens. In the background past the Firestone sign can be seen the very unique service station that gained fame in the great Miami Vice episode, Evan.

We briefly see Gallagher in his car reading the article. Location unknown.

Then Bob Waddell at a bar reading the article.  Location unknown.

Then we see Gallagher’s uncle reading the article and laughing in his living room.  Location unknown.

Then we cut to the inside of the Dade County Courthouse. James J. Wells Assistant Attorney General for the Organized Crime Division of the United States Department of Justice has arrived. He is walking down a hallway on the second floor of the Dade County Courthouse.

He enters into room 203 A, the Library. Here he holds his inquiry.

After the inquiry it cuts to the Standard’s office (Herald). There Megan’s underling is given the assignment of writing the follow up story for the paper.

Then we go to Gallagher’s Marina. The union has driven him out of business, he has sold his house and is moving up north to be with his daughter.  Megan comes by to say goodbye.  

The movie ends as we see him leaving. He is headed east, out Government Cut toward the ocean, past the Port of Miami. In the picture Dodge Island (Port of Miami) is under construction with the east end not finished at the time of the filming.