Original release date:  07/15/1959

Frank Capra starts us off with a brief look at a dolphin performing tricks at the Miami Seaquarium. The Seaquarium is located at 4400 Rickenbacker Causeway on Virginia Key.  

This leads us directly into a unique way of delivering credits. It is shot from the air.  We see the Goodyear blimp pulling a banner that reads “PLAYING TODAY  FRANK SINATRA    EDWARD G. ROBINSON   ELEANOR PARKER   CAROLYN JONES   THELMA RITTER   KEENAN WYNN”

As the credits start “rolling” we see a nice shot of the Fontaineau and to it’s right we see part of the Eden Roc. The Fontainebleau is located at 4441 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach.

Mt. Sinai Hospital can be seen in the background between the hotels.  Interestingly there is not a causeway behind the hospital.  This was filmed before 195 was built.

We see a brief shot of Lummus Park, then the credits continue to roll.

From approximately 22nd Street...

Down to approximately 16th Street.

Then it cuts back to the Fontainebleau and a more traditional way of delivering the credits.

From the Fontainbleau it pans all the way down to 39th Street giving us a great view of the beach hotels, many of which are still there.

Then it cuts to a view looking east toward the ocean. It starts from 35th Street...

It goes past the 41st Street bridge up thru the Fontainebleau.

Then we hear Frank Sinatra do some introductions as we see some photographs on a wall.  This was filmed at the Cardozo Hotel, 1300 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach.

Then we see Tony driving up Collins Ave. With his girl. The background is of Sunny Isles Beach. We see hotels such as the Thunderbird, Sahara, and the Sherwood. This was clearly shot in the studio with the background displayed behind them. Sadly this was so poorly done that it looks like the car is doing a wheelie.

Then we arrive at Tony’s hotel, the Garden of Eden. This was filmed at the Cardozo Hotel, 1300 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach.  

The next day Tony meets with Abe Diamond in an attempt to stop the eviction. This was filmed at the Fontainebleau.

Then we return to the Garden of Eden. There Tony calls his brother who is at work, location unknown.

Then Tony takes Shirl for a ride and she goes surfing. I do not know where this was filmed but I do know that it was not in Florida and some of it was clearly on a studio set. Most likely this was filmed in California with the mountainous island off the coast.

Then we see Mario and Sophie arrive at the airport.  Location unknown.

Then we return to the Cordozo / Garden of Eden.

We then go across the street fore the singing of High Hopes. We return to the Cordozo where we get a glimpse of the Carlyle, where Miami Vice “started”.

Then Tony walks out of the hotel with Eloise Rogers. They walk along the front of the hotel (Ocean Drive) and then west on 13th Street passing Ocean Court.

Tony offends her and she walks across the street, only she is no longer on 13th Street. It has cut and they are on Espanola way at Collins Ave.  In the background is Hoffman’s. This is currently Jerry’s Famous Deli. It is amazing how little it has changed since 1959. We saw this building used in Miami Vice several times. In Made For Each Other it starred  in the teaser and in Little Miss Dangerous it was a place called Sex World.

In the background we can see the:


The National


They head inside Hoffman’s for a coffee and it cuts back to the Garden of Eden.

Next, Tony returns with Eloise to her apartment for dinner.  Location unknown.

Then Tony gets invited to a glitzy party at the Fontainebleau.

Then Tony goes to a Cadillac dealer and sells his car.  Location unknown.

Then it is off to the races. This was filmed at the West Flagler Kennel Club.  Near Flagler and 37th Ave.

Then we return to the Garden of Eden.

Ally runs from Mario and Sophie as they are taking him away in a taxi.  The Victor hotel can be seen in the background, 1144 Ocean Drive.

Tony is at the waters edge. This was filmed in front of the Cardozo at 13th Street. Eloise joins them and there is hope after all.




If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org