Release Date: 11/20/1968

The Movie starts out aboard the Straight Pass, Tony’s boat.  After playing cards, and arriving off the coast of “Fowey Rocks“, Tony goes Scuba diving. Location unknown.  If you recognize this location or any of the other unknown locations in this movie, please let me know at

While underwater Tony finds one blond who didn’t have more fun.  She is dead, wearing cement shoes.  Location unknown.

Then we see Tony and Rubin in the Homicide Division of the Miami police department.  Location unknown.

From there we go to Tony’s marina. This is the same marina he used in Tony Rome. Crandon Park Marina at the northern tip of Key Biscayne.

There, Tony picks up a message to meet a potential client. He heads off to “314 South Causeway” to meet the new client. It is a house boat and thanks to Harold Loeser who provided me with the location information, I am 99% sure that this was filmed in North Bay Village along the JFK Causeway. I will have to go there in person to confirm this location 100% but I am very confident that he has correctly identified the filming location. Thanks again Harold.

There he meets the new client, Waldo Gronski.

Next we go to Jilly’s. This was Jilly Rizzo’s (friend of the rat pack) club in in North Bay Village.  Right next to Dean Martin’s club on the 79th St. Causeway.

In the 1980’s this club was redecorated for the Porky’s trilogy where the interior was used as the interior of Porky’s club.

Then we see Tony pull into a mansion where we are greeted by the site of  Raquel Welch enjoying a swim.  This was filmed at 4701 Pine Tree Dr. in Miami Beach. This is one house south of Villa Crono, 4731 Pine Tree Dr. where Miami Vice filmed for episode 110, Freefall.

4710 Pine Tree Dr. Coop.

St. John’s United Methodist Church.

Pine Tree Place Condo.

4812 Pine Tree Dr.

The Mimosa, 4747 Collins Ave. is seen behind the mansion as Tony pulls in.

As is the Eden Roc, seen behind the pool.

Inside the mansion, Kit dodges Tony’s questions and then goes upstairs to call for help. She calls the neighbor, Mr. Al Mungar, one house to the south. Here we get an even better view of the Eden Roc in the background.

Tony is escorted out of Kit’s house and told to stay away, but not before he picks up a clue.

And the Doral.

Then we return to the house boat. Here we find Maria Barreto has been murdered.

Then we return to Tony’s Marina where Dave Santini drops by to update Tony and see what he has learned.

From there Tony heads to a Burlesque Theater.  Location Unknown.  I suspect the exterior establishing shot may possibly have been stock footage from some other city, not Miami, but the search continues.

Next we go to Gronski’s shack on the water where a couple of thugs show up. They are dispatched but then the police show up.  Location unknown.

Then we go to a hospital, room 329.  Location unknown.  Gronsky offers Tony $5,000 USD to prove that he is not guilty of Maria’s murder.

From there we go to Jilly’s where we get a look at the outside.

While inside Tony walks down a hallway and thru a door. The art department did not do a very good job because the door he walks up to is clearly not the one he passes through.

He notes that there is a picture by the same artist that did the painting in Kit’s house.

Next we see Tony go to the horses where he meets Kit.  This was filmed at Gulfstream park in Hallandale Beach, Florida.

Then we see Tony and Kit go to a morgue to continue their gambling. Kit wins big playing craps in a coffin and is asked not to return.  Location unknown.

Then they go to a bowling alley/pool hall that Kitt owns.  Location unknown.  

Then it’s back to Tony’s place.  Location unknown.

Then we see Tony go to Arnie Sherwin’s house. Thanks to miamijimf at we now know that this was filmed at the home of Baron Sepy Dobronyi, 3980 Wood Avenue, Coconut Grove.

Then Tony goes to Santini’s home. This is the same house they used in Tony Rome (1967).  This was a difficult house to locate and it took some work and a bit of time but I have finally found where it is located.  With the exception of a pool added to the backyard it looks very much the same today as it did in 1967. It is on Keystone Blvd., in Keystone Point. The last house before the bridge as you head into the development.

After receiving a phone call, Dave tries to arrest Tony. Tony punches Dave and runs. Tony takes Dave’s police car, Dave takes Tony’s old convertible. The chase is on.  Tony cuts down Palm Road headed south.

First we see Tony drive by a fountain then the entrance sign for Keystone Point. This is Keystone Blvd. That he is driving on, westbound. Then he turns left, southbound on Biscayne Blvd.

We briefly see him pass over the I195 bridge and then turn right from NE 37th Street onto US1 under 195.

We see Santini following and get a nice view of Pumperniks. We see this again in Miami Vice, Heart of Darkness.

We see Tony turn left down NE 36th St. (eastbound). This was some sort of Inn back then but is now a gas station.

We see the Howard Johnson’s in the rearview mirror.

Then we see them pass the Howard Johnson’s again..

Next we see Tony on a stretch of road that is probably Biscayne Blvd. But I have not been able to confirm that.  He calls in his own car as being involved in a hit and run so the police will stop Santini.

Then we see them crossing the “36th Street causeway” as he had called on the radio. The interstate 195 causeway. They travel over this causeway several times both east and westbound.

Then we see Tony turn northbound on Collins Ave. from 43rd Street.

Tony’s plan does not work out so well. He bails out on foot and into the Fontainebleau.

Tony hides in a cabana and calls his neighbor at the marina. The police are also there looking for Tony.

Tony escapes using a dingy to cross Indian Creek. He escapes up to Kit’s house.

Then we go to Mt. Sinai Hospital which was also used in the first movie, Tony Rome.

Mt. Sinai is a mess as Gronsky has torn the place up during his escape.  Tony knows he will likely head to Mabel’s Massage Parlor. According to the phone book this is suppose to be located at 17876 123rd St. Because we only see the interior, the location cannot be confirmed.  Location unknown.

From there we go to Mungar’s mansion on Pine Tree Dr. Tony wraps things up there.  

Next we see Tony on his boat with Kitt doing a little treasure hunting. The movie ends there.

Kit’s house

Mungar’s house





Dave’s house

I believe it is 7920 East Drive, North Bay Village that we see in the background.

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: