Caddyshack Page 2

Noonan wins the tournament on the 18th hole at Rolling Hills.  If you look at the judge, his arms are raised up in the air.  If you look between them, and go further back you see the location where we earlier saw Carl washing his balls.

Then Danny pays Maggie a visit. This house appears to be on the golf course but location unknown.

Then it’s pool time. 15 minutes of fun. The pool will never be the same. It has been reported that this scene was filmed at what is now the Plantation Preserve Golf Course at 7050 West Broward Blvd., in Plantation, Florida. This may be the case but so far this is unconfirmed.

Then we go to Ty Webb’s home.  Location unknown. It is reported to be in Ft. Lauderdale. Lacy pays a visit, drinks, swims, gets a massage, yadda,yadda,yadda.

Then we go to the Rolling Lakes Yacht Club. This is actually the Rusty Pelican on Virginia Key.

Then we go to Judge Smails’ house where Danny is being entertained by Lacy.  We see the Judge arrive and he is not pleased.  This was filmed in Ft. Lauderdale on NE 25th Ave. at NE 46th St.

Then we return to Rolling Hills to see a Cinderella story. This scene was filmed on the NW corner of the club house.

Then Carl acts as Caddy.  Our first green is the 8th at Rolling Hills.

Then the Bishop misses his put on the 9th hole and is shocked.

Next we cut to the Caddy Shack where Maggie tells Danny she is late.  

Then Danny gets summonsed to the Judge’s office. Instead of getting fired the judge gives him the Caddy Scholarship to keep him quiet.

Then we go out into the club house.  Filming location unknown.

Then we go to the 18th green where we see Maggie dancing.  She is not pregnant.

Then it cuts to Smail’s office where the bet is on, $40,000.00

Then we go to Carl’s where he is preparing to take on the gopher in a big way.  Possibly at Rolling Hills maintenance area but location unsure.

Then Carl is interrupted by a stray ball from Ty.  


Al and Ty arrive for the competition.

      Morning Judge

      This is a golf course, it is not a parking lot. Now you back this    

       thing otta here right now.

       O.K.   Hey look at that.

     Don’t play games with me Ty.  Put that steering wheel over here

    where it belongs and get this thing out of here.

This was filmed at Rolling Hills at the tee for what is now the 4th hole.

Then we see word spread of the bet. Rumor has it jumps to $100,000.00 USD. This was filmed inside the Rolling Hills dinning room on a set of a fake shop.

As the competition gets underway so does Carl’s offensive on the gopher.  Exact location unknown.

The Judge starts cheating right away. Exact location unknown.

A crowd starts to gather as word spreads. They erred here and reversed the image. Just look at his T-shirt.

Ty makes a nice putt and the Caddy with the flag is giving us the middle finger. This was filmed on the Fourth hole at Rolling Hills.

Hey Judge, Cheer up will ya.

 They take a break at the snack bar and the bet gets doubled.  Exact location unknown.

Then the dolphin or rather gopher finds the rabbit shaped explosive. One might think dolphin since the sounds they use for the gopher are the exact same sounds used for the dolphin in the 1960’s T.V. Show, Flipper. They borrowed some of the audio from that show.

Then we see Rodney take a “fall”.  He is replaced with  Danny Noonan since Sonia Henie was not available. This was filmed on the Tee for what is now the 16th hole at Rolling Hills/ Grande Oaks.

This scene was important for my location hunting in that it provided final concrete evidence to show where the Caddy shack had been located.  Otherwise I would not have been able to nail it down. We see the Caddy shack very briefly behind Danny in the trees. Then we see in the distance the Harvest development that I had identified earlier.

Danny begins play. This was shot along the 10th fairway at Rolling Hills.

Ty gets a birdie.  Exact location unknown.

Danny has to carry the game and Carl continues his battle.  Exact location at Rolling Hills unknown.

The same Caddy flips us off again, using the old eye glass trick to give us the finger.

Then it is the final hole, they are all on the 18th green (Rolling Hills), and the score is tied.

The Doctor misses his putt.

The Judge is up next, he calls on the old Billy Baroo.  His secret weapon,  an old putter which he hopes will give him the needed edge.  

He sinks his putt.

Ty misses his putt.

Ty hands off to Danny.   Rodney  doubles the bet.

The Caddy gives us the finger for the third time.

Danny putts, the ball stalls on the lip of the cup.......but then Carl opens fire on the Gopher, the earth shakes and Danny’s ball falls in the hole.

The Judge decides not to pay but Rodney came prepared. This was filmed at the SW corner of the Rolling Hills Club House.

Hey everybody, were all gonna get laid. This was filmed on the west side of the Rolling Hills Club House.

“ I’m all right”  the gopher survives the war.  Exact location unknown.