Original release date: 01/09/1965 (USA)

A classic James Bond movie. Most of this movie was filmed in England at or near Pinewood Studios. However; some was filmed in Switzerland and the United States. Of course here we are concerned with Florida movies so I will concentrate just on the Florida scenes. These break down into two main sections. The first is the opening scenes at the Fountainebleau that are set up to be in Miami but were largely filmed in England. The second are scenes that depict action that is suppose to be in Kentucky but was actually filmed on location in Miami.

After the credits act 1 opens with an aerial view of Miami Beach focusing on the Fontainebleau Hotel, 4441 Collins Avenue. This was the first filming done for the movie and was in fact shot on location over Miami Beach.

This shot is reminiscent of Frank Capra’s A Hole In The Head (1959). So close one might say it was copied. Both are aerials over the Fontainebleau on Miami Beach involving aerial signs pulled behind small aircraft. They even go so far as to similarly include the Goodyear Blimp.

We also get a nice shot of the famous Eden Roc.

     As seen in

A Hole In The Head

Then we see Felix walking thru the pool area. This too was filmed on location at the Fontainebleau.

Then we are inside the hotel looking out into the pool. This was filmed at the Fontainebleau. The on location filming at the Fontainebleau started on January 20, 1964 and finished on January 24, 1964.

Then we see Felix walk by the Fontainebleau’s ice rink.

From here on it only appears that the action continues at the Fontainebleau. The film crew continued to film for the backgrounds they needed but only the two American actors were present. Sean Connery never went to Miami as he was not yet available. All his and Goldfinger’s scene were done at Pinewood Studios. They used a combination of sets and backgrounds projected onto plates to film the action. They built a huge replica of the Fontainebleau on the grounds of Pinewood Studios in April, 1964 and completed the Fontainebleau scenes.

With DVDs and today’s high definition televisions the projected backgrounds are even more obvious despite the excellent and hard work done on the filming. Below left we see the next cut which was done in the studio.  Below right is the preceding cut that was filmed on location.  Not only does the background on the left lack depth but the white hotel is also more yellow.

The cabana area looks real but is not. It is a set at the studio.

Another brief cut of real on location film.

Then back to England.

Looks real but it’s not, it’s Pinewood Studio.

Studio again with some excellent plate work.

The remainder of the scene is all studio.

The next Florida filming is seen at approximately 1:04:36. This is suppose to be Kentucky but it was actually filmed in Miami. The CIA is waiting to assist James.  A number of web sites incorrectly state that this was filmed off Opa-locka Blvd. This was filmed at 701 Gratigny Parkway at the intersection of NW 7th Avenue. This is still a KFC and the shopping center is still named Shoprite.

Then about 1:16:15 we see Odd Job on the way to the airport. He is actually driving away from the airport at this point. Northbound on State Road 7/Range Line Road/NW 7th Ave. in the 8800 block.

North past J.D. Ball Ford located at 9000 SR 7/ NW 7th Ave.

Felix and partner are still parked out side the KFC on Gratigny Parkway (NW 119th Street) when they see what they believe is James on the move.

Then we see Odd Job turn from eastbound on Opa-locka Blvd. to northbound on NW 27th Avenue.

Felix catches up. Northbound on NW 27th Avenue.

Then location unknown but likely in the area of NW 7th Avenue.

Then northbound thru the 8800 block of SR 7/NW 7th Avenue again.

Where we get a better look at J.D. Ball Ford.

Then by the airport. They are northbound on South Le Jeune Road passing the NW 21st Street overpass. Special thanks to both Kurt Kaminer and Edmond Worthington for confirming this location.

Odd Job


Then southbound past 7th Ave Billiards. 7th Ave. Billiards was located at 10485 NW 7th Ave., Miami.


Then it cuts and they are still southbound on NW 7th Avenue but they are north of their last location. Passing NW 116th Street with Central Plumbing seen in the background. This business is still there at 11618 NW 7th Ave., Miami.

Then Solo comes to the end of his road. Location unknown.

He first passes an unknown trailer park.

The CIA passes Gas Up Anchor, and A&W Root Beer.

location unknown.

Then we see them tracking Mr. Solo from NW 42nd Avenue onto the feeder road to NW 21st Street in Miami.

Location unknown.

Location unknown.

Odd Job continues on. Location unknown.

Then we see Odd Job northbound on Northwest North River Drive in Miami. He then turns into 3200  NW North River Drive. This same location is used in the Miami Vice episode, Evan.

When the engineless Lincoln is crushed, Felix losses the signal. Location unknown.

Then they drive by another Royal Castle. There is not much seen in the background but what is seen (windows in rear, location relative to intersection, etc.) matches up with the Royal Castle located at 125th Street and NW 7th Ave. I am 99% sure this was where it was filmed.

Then we leave the palm trees and Miami behind and the drive continues in Kentucky.

The end of Goldfinger’s Florida location filming.



The Miami Skyways Motel is seen in the background as they pass the airport entrance at NW 21st Street.

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at:

Then we see them turn right onto a semi-isolated looking road. Thanks to Steve Cook from Ashford, Middlesex, we now know where this was filmed. It was filmed on location in Miami as they turn from northbound on NW 42nd Avenue to eastbound on an access road leading to NW 21st Street. This road no longer exist which made identifying the location even harder. Thanks again to Steve Cook.

Tank seen in background in next sequence.