Smokey And The Bandit 3

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The pursuit continues  Location unknown.

Daddy I’m scared.

         I know I can smell it.

This is set up to be the Mississippi State Fair grounds but looking at the wall in the background shows us this was filmed in Hialeah at the Hialeah Speedway.  It no longer exist.

Next we see them at the closed bridge.  Location Unknown.

Then at the Inn.  This was filmed on location at what is now a preschool. 6700 Griffin Road, Davie Florida.

The old blow gun dart to the tire trick.  Location unknown.

Location unknown.

Location unknown.

Location unknown. It looks like the Ocala National Forest to me but I do not know where.

This was reportedly filmed in Silver Springs Florida, but I have not been able to confirm the exact location.

Silver Springs park. This park has been used in at least 20 movies. Movies such as Moonraker, Never say Never again, Thunderball, Creature From The Black Lagoon, Rebel Without A Cause, and several Tarzan movies.

I told you they would take the short cut.  Location Unknown.

Then we arrive at the finish line. Thanks to Sheri, from Florida, who e-mailed me the information on this scene, we now know that this was filmed at the Golden Hills Academy on Route 27 near Ocala Florida. Thanks Sheri.

Location unknown.

Wait daddy, Don’t leave me   Location unknown.

If you recognize any of the  unknown locations, please let me know at                                         Thank You





1964 picture of the Golden Hills Academy as Governor Bryant gave a speech, 12/07/1964